Friday, January 22, 2016

Party On!

I love a good party. Be it birthday, wedding, holiday you name it and I'm there! I prefer to go to parties then plan them, so it worked out well for us this past month to make it to some fun shindigs.

First up on our party list was a wedding reception for a young man Wes use to teach at church (when he was 14) and I later taught in seminary his senior year. He has always been an exceptional young man and we are so proud of his accomplishments thus far in life. His young bride seems like a fun loving, wonderful girl too and their reception was an absolute blast. We caught up and danced the night away with a lot of old friends. Ate In-n-Out to our hearts content (if I could do it again I would have INO cater my reception) and just honestly had a wonderful time. My girls were in heaven the whole night and thought nothing could be better than mom and dad and all their friends dancing together and then getting to take home some flowers. Jovie kept saying she wanted to get married too.

The next day Peyton was invited to a friends birthday party at a jump house near us. Wes took her while Jovie and I had fun shopping and getting slurpees together.

Then as soon as those two got back we were off again to yet another party for "baby" Reed (who is really no baby as he is 2, but that's what we call him in our family--- well at least for another 2 months until his family gets their real baby).

Again we had a grand time visiting, and playing with friends. The Duncans have the dream backyard for kids. A swing set, huge playhouse full of toys. Lots of candy and food. Then out came the pinata... yes it was another fun event!

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