Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Mission Inn and More

The Mission Inn is another place we try really hard to get to around Christmas time because it is pretty spectacular. It has been voted best light show in the country or something like that (don't ask me the details because I don't know). We met up with some cousins and had a nice time eating mini donuts and enjoying the cool outside scenery, though we may have been overdressed just a tad. I say it is a little like our own little New York in our backyard.

Ironically, with all the activities and events we planned out for the kids, the one they probably enjoyed the most was the simple act of sleeping together in sleeping bags under the Christmas Tree. Sure, Jovie was a pest getting up for any and every reason she could think of before calming down (an hour later) to fall asleep. Peyton was long gone before Jovie ever was. They really loved this and looked forward to it each and every night (well the week of Christmas that is). Part of the fun was simply doing it together for them. And once they were both actually asleep it was pretty cute and magical.

They also loved helping me make sugar cookies. Well, they loved the eating the dough part at least. We brought the cookies over to my parents house on Christmas Eve so all the kids could decorate them and bring them home that night to give to Santa.

Don't they look so appetizing?! As you can tell it was a free for all, with no regulating from the parents.

And, after all of these things it was finally time for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

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