Monday, December 21, 2015

Other Christmas Activities

We did a number of activities to lead us into Christmas Eve/Christmas Day; which I will more than likely need to break up, for sheer volume and patience--- or lack thereof. Actually, compared to other years I was quite lazy when it came to crafting with the kids, and doing things at home. However, with Peyton in school and having circulating sicknesses I did the best I could and just don't feel too bad about how this season went down. Plus, we did a lot, just not things I had to plan and execute.

Annnnyways... what we actually did. The Saturday of Peyton's dance recital we came home and got to constructing business. We bought a prefabricated Gingerbread house (which if you ask me is the only way to go) and each child, with the help of one of us adults, was aided in the decorating of 2 sides. I don't actually know if I've ever decorated a gingerbread house before, and I had a surprisingly good time. As did the kids, once we got Jovie to stop eating all of her decorations.

Periodically throughout the weeks I would catch a very guilty Jovie eating the house, so finally on Christmas Day I let them go to town on that thing, which I think is kind of disgusting, but they LOVED it!

 Actually after me and the girls were done, Wes was still going gun-ho.
 Jovie the little candy fiend went to the bathroom after she was all done, and came out with her sticky candy hands looking like this... I couldn't help but laugh. Then wash her off.

Later that night was our church Christmas party. It really is just a nice dinner with a visit from Santa. Nothing spectacular. But, it is fun to sit and eat with our friends while the kids run a muck.

And finally that Sunday we celebrated all the "Todd" December birthdays. Ryan's (12-2), Carter's (12-14), Hayley's (12-15) and miss Jovie's (12-31). It was all fun and games until Asher blew out Jovie's candle. Ryan may have been more insulted than she was, which is saying a lot. Sweet older cousins.
 Here we see Asher creepin' in going for the steal....
 Both Jovie and Ryan irate over the misdeed....
 Heidi coming in with the save....
 And we are happy once more.

More to come of our December!

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