Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve... Fiasco

Welp, in my last post from New Years Eve (Jovie's birthday) I made brief mention of our fun (seriously need sarcastic font) New Year's celebration. Cuz' it was truly anything but fun.

Sure it started off ok, we had Jovie's birthday breakfast, Shakey's Pizza (angry fist shake), visits with Grandparents and then we were off to friend's house to keep the party going.

Except for the fact that on the drive over Wes said he wasn't feeling well, and food sounded gross. Which is a shame since we were in charge of it. Which brings me to my next angry party of NYE, waiting over an hour (seriously) to purchase carne asada from Cardenas. I don't even like it as much as Costco's carne asada but Costco didn't have any the day before when we went. So we were stuck with Cardenas.... big mistake. So we arrived at our friend's house sick (Wes) and hangry (me)... don't make a prego April wait that long to eat. I get hangry regularly, so throw in pregnancy and things tend to get ugly. Taryn made me a dirty diet coke (diet coke with a little coconut) and things started looking up. Until Wes started looking down into the toilet.

Poor guy BBQ'd up our meat and shrimp and then was toast the rest of the night. He was so sick.

We still tried to have fun, celebrating Jovie's birthday and chatting. But by 10:30 PM he was sick in the bathroom again, and we knew our night was over at this point. So we found a countdown on demand and let the kids do a little makeshift celebration.
Then my family was on it's way home at 11 PM. (Sorry we were a bust McCooks). Luckily both kids were dead asleep by the end of the street and no more incidents for Wes.

At home we started carrying the kids to bed only to have Peyton start vomiting all over Wes at the top of the stairs. She puked all over the carpet 2 times before we got her to the toilet. She finished up in the bathroom, reached back and said "towel." She is the man when it comes to puking, which is good all things considered.

So, with that, I set a bowl by her bed (which she used 2 more times during the night, which we only discovered in the morning (she never wakes us up) and I sent my sick husband to bed and I started the clean up process. Wes came out as I was on my hands and knees shop-vac"ing" up vomit at midnight to wish me "Happy New Year!" No kiss this year.

I went to bed feeling a little queasy (whether from cleaning up throw up or actually being sick I wasn't sure). But, by 2 AM I was sure, I had been hit. Which is why I think it was food poisoning due to the quickness we all were hit, but who really knows at this point. I was up every few hours the rest of the night. Luckily my last bout was at 7ish and we were all done throwing up. And eating for a while.

The next day we all looked like this all day.
I'm pretty sure none of us moved. It was the worst!

So there you have it. Our NYE! Way to bring in a new year. It is at least one we won't forget anytime soon.

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