Friday, January 1, 2016

Memorial: 2015

One of my favorite blog posts to do is my looking back on the year. 2015 was actually a little challenging. Nothing major, just some things didn't pan out (with work and finances) the way we expected making it a little more difficult than we hoped. Of course, no one hopes for trials, but they come regardless. However, looking back, it is easy to see just the good and forget the bad. Not on purpose, but I think we are wired to focus on that, which is for the best because who wants to remember the bad parts of life? Not me. I want to remember how cute my kids are at their ages now. How much I love my husband. What a nice area, ward, and school we are part of. What wonderful friends and family are in our lives. And really overall how blessed we are. I don't really want to remember the stress of bills, stress and sadness over Peyton growing up and starting school and all the other real life issues that arise for everyone living. 

So, let's take a walk down memory lane 2015:

-At the very beginning of the year we took the girls tubing. Though it seems like WAY more than a year ago, it was one of my favorite experience from last year.
-Celebrated 9 years of blissful marriage.
-Enjoyed numerous hikes, dates (Wes and I, as well as one on one dates with the girls), fishing, and other fun activities as a family.
-I sewed for the first time on a machine.
-Had a fun surprise party up in the mountains with my family for Will's 5th bday.
-I turned 30! Yikes!
-Took the family on the ferry to Balboa Island on my b-day.
-Wes surprised me with a cruise (with friends) to Canada, and a trip down to Seattle! Best. Gift. Ever!
-Wes turned 32!!
-Went to see Newsies for his birthday at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. 
-Had a fabulous Easter with Wes' family.
-Spent as many days at Disneyland we could before our passes expired. (I miss our passes!)
-Spent a few days in Las Vegas with Nana at the Bellagio hotel. Loved the pool and fountains.
-Sadly had a miscarriage.
-Fun field trips to Sea World, fire stations, Stater Brothers, etc.
-Peyton had her spring dance recital.
-I got to be a "MAC"/ mom at girl's camp... honestly had more fun than I anticipated.
-Lots of fun beach days! (Our favorite!)
-Peyton finished up her first and last year of joy school "preschool".
-Best 4th of July: fireworks, parties, crafts, beach, Sup-paddle boarding
-Peyton turned 5 years old! Celebrated her day twice. On her actual birthday we were in San Francisco. We then had a friend "puppy party" at the park that was a lot of fun!
-We played with cousins during the summer and had a lot of fun at the cove, beach, summer movies, ice-cream, Slurpee's, Chick-Fila, concerts, and staying up late, etc.
-Vacation at Angel's Camp and San Francisco with Wes' siblings for a week!
-Peyton started kindergarten... bitter-sweet. She loves it so much, I miss my girl so much.
-New experience doing a PanIQ room... loved it!
-Saw Brian Regan with friends.
-Annual hot day at the L.A. County Fair
-Girl's Weekend trip to Catalina Island... won the scavenger hunt!
-Halloween with a ghost and witch
-Fabulous Thanksgiving in St. George--- staying in a hotel and loving every minute of it!
-Announced we are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Lots and lots and lots of fun Christmas Activity and a wonderful  (be it kinda stressful $) Christmas. Really we had a great season and are incredibly blessed!
-Jovie turned 3 years old!!! We celebrated with a puke fest in our house!

We had a great year! Can't wait for 2016 and all the fun that is sure to come! New events, activities, experience and most looking forward to a NEW BABY!

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