Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day---Morning

I love Christmas morning more as a mom than I have in years past. I think you either want to be a child or have a child to truly get the magic that is Christmas! This year with my kid's ages and their expectations and fun reactions, I could not have asked for a better morning.

I have mentioned in years past we hang a big paper across the hallway for our kids to run through to reveal Christmas. It is something I always did with my family growing up and I loved it and I am happy to continue the tradition in my own home. I am truly sad that for whatever reason my video camera did not record the kids break through. Jovie was so intense it was hilarious watching her face. Peyton always does it with a big smile. Dang fickle phone video camera; Because their facial expressions were awesome!

I stole this picture from my brother of his family getting their paper ready on Christmas Eve, just so you could have a visual of what I am referring to.
And again one of his photos showing how it is put up to block the tree/gifts until the morning when the kids break through it.
We spent a wonderful morning opening up presents. Halfway through opening gifts Peyton kept wondering why Santa didn't bring her a trampoline and was kinda disappointed but in a funny way. The best part is all she had to do was look directly out the window in front of her to see the trampoline all set up in the backyard. Wes and I kept exchanging amused looks every time she would question where it was. Honestly, we did Christmas pretty low key this year yet the kids could not have been happier.

One of the best things about having Christmas in California is being able to enjoy presents outside all day after. Which is exactly what we did for a few hours.

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