Friday, January 15, 2016

California Winter

Well we here in California call 50 degrees frigid and worthy of real winter clothes. So, when it was cold a few weeks ago (like in the 60s) we decided to take a little drive (about 40ish side street minutes away) in an attempt to find snow. We weren't sure if we would find anything, but we lucked out and winter was somewhat there and waiting for us.

Though it wasn't truly snowy or anything, there was enough slush on the ground to make my kids happy and have one of the best days. We hung out and walked around the little city (Oak Glen), sledded, and played in the snow for a couple of hours. It was truly a great and best part, easy happy day! Everyone had so much fun and we were definitely ready for chili and our warm beds waiting for us at home.

P.S. you can tell we are not prepared with winter clothes. We just threw on our warmest clothes and boots and hoped for the best from our pieced together outfits. They are cute and funny looking in them, I know. But I love it!

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Annette Todd said...

Peyton's white parka has been in my trunk for weeks. I'm so sorry, I forget about it every time I see you! Remind me!!!!