Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Sunbeam!!!

Little Jovie-girl literally squeaked into primary this year, turning 3 on the last possible day to make it. I was a little worried because she has LOVED nursery so much (I think mostly for the fruit snacks at the end), but she seems to be adjusting wonderfully. I think it helped that Peyton was jumping for joy when she found out Jovie and her got to be in there together. Jovie was excited to go, but honestly, I think Peyton was even more excited.

We really tried to build it up so she would want to be in there (and not miss the nursery toys too much) and as soon as Sacrament meeting was done Peyton grabbed her hand and led her to primary. The two of them couldn't be cuter walking down the hallway hand in hand.

I enjoy these milestones but I genuinely got a little teary eyed at the end of the day when I realized I didn't get to go pick her up from nursery. My heart can't handle them growing so quickly. I loved picking her up because she always would yell "Mama!" and come running to me showing me whatever it was they worked on. I am happy to say I still got an excited "Mama!" picking her up from Sunbeams too.

Jesus is right to want this girl for a Sunbeam!
Peyton didn't want her picture (sadly) because she looked stunningly cute and old with her straight hair that day. Best I can give you is this cute hand holding picture from the back.

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