Friday, January 8, 2016


January 6, Wes and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary! I can't believe it is already our 10th anniversary, because in so many ways I still feel like a young newlywed. However, contrary to those feelings, I also feel like I've known and been with him forever! We've definitely grown up and matured together as individuals and as a couple. There is not a soul in the world I am more comfortable being with or whom I love more than that man.

Yes, we've had our ups and downs and boring in-betweens; but I feel lucky to have him as my person I get to endure it all with. Life has seen us through 2.5 kids, 3 homes, 5 cars, who knows how many jobs between the 2 of us, and it's all felt pretty easy to endure because I am still so happy in the life I'm living. I can honestly say he is my best friend and better half. We get along so well and rarely have arguments and seem to be on the same page in life in general.

On our actual anniversary it was life as usual. That night we did our traditional Benihana dinner, which is always wonderful, and later in the month we had an anniversary/babymoon/Christmas trip. That my friends, was a good time!

Weston made me breakfast that morning... how cute is he?!
 At dinner
 10 beautiful years together. I'm so grateful for my partner!

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Karla K said...

Congrats! That's a huge milestone and some impressive stats. I hope the next 10 are as rewarding.