Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Year in Review: 2016

I must admit the years when my babies are born are my favorites. I don't care what other crap happened during the course of the year, the mere fact I get to hold a precious baby, my own precious baby, makes my whole world full of happiness.  So like any other year there were good times and of course really hard times and all the times in between, but when I look back at the year as a whole it can only be looked at with pure gratitude and joy because I got to have a baby. And the love that enters into a house with a baby is immeasurable.

So let's look at the rest of 2016:

-Jovie started Sunbeams... she was as young as a kid could be, but she totally rocked it!
-Wes and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. 10 years people! We celebrated with a cruise to Santa Barbara and Ensenada as a Christmas gift/anniversary trip/and babymoon.
-Had another fun snow day!
-Peyton had her 1st daddy daughter dance at school, masquerade style.
-Celebrated Valentines Day (as well as all the other fun holidays). Each holiday this year was incredible as my kids were at the age of perfect understanding to having fun with everything ratio.
-We had a lot of fun vacations this year as well. One little trip (Jovie's favorite) was camping at Doheny Beach with my family on Valentine's Day weekend. Coldest night of my life but really such a great little trip other than that frigid night.
-Spring Break: science experiments, beach days, hikes, tramp park (and an injury), and an airshow
-My birthday
-Wes' birthday
-GRIFFIN'S BIRTHDAY! Best day of the year for sure!!! All 7lbs 13 oz of that boy is amazing!
-He came a week early, even with my early c-section date, and recovery was harder than I anticipated
-Mother's Day--- I stepped up my game this year as I mothered 3 children, Wes followed with a good Father's Day too.
-Summer Fun! Beach days, movies, dates with my man, swimming, tree climbing, fishing, golf camp for Peyton, 4th of July fun and the first year of Grammy Camp!!!
-Wes gave Griffin a beautiful blessing at our ward in Moreno Valley
-Peyton turned 6 at Yosemite National Park
-Oh yeah..... Yosemite vacation!!!
-Utah trip for a wedding. And a really fun week there!
-Peyton started 1st grade (sob) This mama loves my kids and every single one of their ages but the idea of them growing just about kills me!
-Grandpa Bob passed away, but at least my kids finally met him. We attended his funeral in Mesquite, Nevada.
-Yearly tradition of playing hooky to go to the L.A. County Fair
-Peyton started AYSO soccer... we all fell in love
-And Jovie started Joy School with some of her friends and their moms.
-We started playing Pokemon... it kinda became a thing for us the rest of the year
-Jovie also started dance and rocked it!
-Enjoyed Fall, pumpkin patches, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Show, and Halloween (as a Unicorn (Jovie), robot (Peyton), and characters from Finding Nemo (Wes, Griffin and myself)).
-Thanksgiving in California--- and a great week home enjoying our week off school.
-Celebrated Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas!
-Jovie turned 4 and we celebrated that and NYE simultaneously at Medieval Times!!!! The girls also both stayed up until midnight, which is quite an accomplishment!

And that folks sums up our 2016!!!!!!!!!


As for the rest of Jovie's birthday, which just so happens to be New Years Eve; we partied morning til well I guess the next morning!

We started with donuts... which the girls informed me for the first time they don't really like. Well, I guess they don't like the cake part only the frosting and sprinkles. But I guess the idea of donuts is still good.

After donuts we opened presents. Luckily she has basically asked for everything in every store for the last few months so her heart wasn't set on anything specifically, and she would have been happy to open almost anything. Well, that's not true... she did specifically ask for chocolate for a while. Which was weird since she doesn't really even like chocolate, but she did get it.

Then we girls headed to get our nails painted for our special day.

 And after that we finally headed to our big event. It was actually a Christmas gift to all my family from my mom and dad. It was Medieval Times tickets. So we met up with everyone on the rainy night to celebrate both NYE and Jovie-girl's birthday. It was GREAT! My kids had the BEST time!!!
 Peyton was dying to sit by Asher and William on their own bench... so Miss Jovie sat by me and Tate and had a grand ole' time.
 We were part of the Blue Team (who won by the way) and we were able to get his attention so he could give Jovie one of the flowers he got from winning a conquest.
 The whole group
 My girls with their knight after the show. (Peyton was sure to wear her knight armour too)

We all met up to sing to Jovie after the show and open more presents. Her birthday is one that goes on and on all day and night.

And the final part of our night found us at our friends, the Duncan's house, to ring in the New Year(we did the 10pm one thinking the kids would go to sleep, but they ended up celebrating at midnight with us too). We played some games, celebrated Jovie's birthday (again) and had some laughs. It is great having our friends who are like family. All of my kids stayed up til midnight (except little Griffin who fell asleep at about 10:45). By the time midnight rolled around the girls were begging to go to bed so we headed home.

She really wanted something "Shopkins" so we bought some and threw them on her cake to make it a Shopkins cake. It was a winner in her eyes.

Jovie Turns the BIG 4!

If I am to be completely honest it seems like she has been 4 for a long time. She is a really, really smart little girl. She is just such a chatter box, who loves to play with the big kids, has been writing her name for months, and does things much older children do, it is almost weird to me that it is barely now she is 4. Jovie girl is a good time. She is a hilarious little entertainer who is constantly a leader and life of the party. She has no fear with public appearances though she is no thrill seeker either. She does have a bit of a temper but is also the lover of the family; constantly giving words of affirmation and physical affection to any and everyone. Jovie has a song and dance on the tip of her tongue at all times and will bust it pretty much at any given notice. She is still not the best eater (and would prefer candy, gum and fruit snacks for every meal) but she has also started eating hamburgers with the best of them, which is a vast improvement from her former life as a vegetarian (the last 3 years). She is such a passionate little person who lives life with exuberance and can almost always be found with a HUGE smile of her face. In fact she is known among others as being Miss Congeniality and is so well liked by her peers it makes my mommy heart happy. She is a friend to all and I am proud to call her mine! What a blessing her sweet spirit has been in our home. We love our little Joviekins.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Video Summary

My phone put together the coolest video to summarize the year. Sadly I got a new phone in October, so my video is more a summary of the last 3 months of the year. But, I love it regardless. It makes me soooo happy watching it. So enjoy the video of the last quarter of 2016.

The Others

And all the rest of December up to this point...........

First we have not 1, not 2, but all 3 of the cutest kids, well, um, EVER! (Or at least in my humble opinion)
 (This in particular might be one of my all time favorite pictures of this girl)

I've been playing in a woman's over 30 soccer league on Monday nights. It was our final game (for the championship) and I was given the best pass right in front of the goal and my foot got stuck in the turf and I wasn't even close to the shot. I felt so dumb, and don't know what happened. I kept playing but felt slow on every run and couldn't figure out why. At the half I got stuck in the grass again so I finally looked at my cleat, or at least what was left of my cleat, which as you can see wasn't much. Most of the cleats were missing as well as the majority of the shoe. So I took them off and was going to play in just my tennis shoes (luckily Heidi had an extra pair of cleats I could borrow) but I at least understood why I had shanked the shot so badly. Worse yet, when I looked at my other cleat it was basically in the same condition. Apparently high school cleats don't cut it once you are over 30.
 Everyone comments on this kids eyes. I think I can see why!
 Cute little cousins skydiving at Grammy's house.
 Playing with the awesome marble run Grammy got them for Christmas.
 Jovie celebrated turning 4....... more on that to come.
 This boy puts everything in his mouth for holding while he crawls and moves around. He really is our puppy brother.
 These were our dinner dates one night... couple of weirdos.
 Morning snuggles (she was rocking his and singing to him... it was the sweetest)
 The one naughty thing our elf did this season was draw on the kids bananas. They thought it was the greatest thing ever. Made our elf feel pretty bad for not being creative everyday. Just not bad enough to do anything about it I guess.
 We watched the twins one day... Cody is currently in the period of life where he refuses to take any photos. Easton however is still compliant.
 I've mentioned before the lover this child is. She sat under Wes and stroked his head and gave him the smallest of kisses whilst watching TV.
 This boy loves balls. Makes my competitive heart hopeful.
 We happened upon a puppet show at the library one day, which was a dream for Miss Jovie.
 Traditional candy house or train this year. Our elf did bring us this to do for family night. Good ole' Mikey.
 I just love all the small parts of this picture. Wes' creepy eye purposely peeking through. The girls sharing a drink with their Christmas bows touching. And of course the corner of my Polar Pop.
 We were invited to another FUN Amazing Race Christmas Party similar to last year. We were kicking butt through most of it and arrived at the last challenge about 10 min before the next group. However, our last teammate had to do this part by himself, it happened to be quoting movies (um, and Wes and I weren't able to compete... we live for that) and the poor guy apparently had never seen a movie in his entire life. We watched group after group come and go and ended the night in 5th place. But, we had the best time, even if we did lose.
 I am almost done with the year folks.... can you believe it?!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Endeavour

A few years ago we went (on Christmas break) with some of Wes' family to the California Science Center to check out the space shuttle The Endeavour. It was awesome. So when Kati and Patrick invited us to it again during our break we jumped at the opportunity. That place is really neat and the space shuttle is seriously rad. Peyton for about 2 years has said she wants to be a space doctor (astronaut Dr. for the aliens of course), so I feel it is my parental responsibility to teach her all about space exploration. She probably gets .05% of what it entails but I try. The kids obviously enjoy the more hands on aspects of the museum and that's cool too. Trying to make science cool so they can enjoy it for a long time to come.

The museum itself it pretty neat, and is free so that's always an added perk.