Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Winter recital 2015: The Nutcracker

Peyton had her winter dance recital. She moved up in classes so she was one of the younger girls in her class, but to brag a little she still knew the dance almost flawlessly and did fabulously, like always.

They had an outdoor performance one frigid Saturday. It was both very very cold, and half the girls couldn't make it, so it looked pretty bad. One thing you have to know about my girl is that she not usually whiny. So she endured the cold without complaint.

But, by the night of the actual performance the next week the girls had it down and looked great! The night was looooong and annoying as certain adult groups took too much time. However, watching Peyt perform, do so well and enjoy it, made it all worth it. I think.

I sure love this sweet, beautiful, graceful girl of mine!!!

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