Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Last Post

Our last 2 days of our Thanksgiving holiday were pretty darn fun, if I do say so myself.

Friday, we enjoyed the chilly outdoor beauty of Zion National Park... even getting snowed on for all of 15 minutes. You could definitely tell those of us from California based on our excitement due to the snow.

Saturday (our last day there), we decided to do some exploring around the Dixie sign. Jovie who had more fun digging in the dirt (typical of her) than walking around didn't make it quite as far as the rest of the group; so the two of us played for a while then ended up with Grammy and Papa watching a movie in Jaime's car while the rest of the group explored around. Wes, Peyton and the rest of the gang found the Dixie "narrows". Wes said it was the by far the narrowest canyons he has ever gone through. His 22 year old cousin couldn't make it through at all due to a panic attack half way through.
 Entering the narrows
 A picture of Wes going through taken by Shaun from above
 Shaun and Peyton above taken by Wes from below
Here are Wes' cousins going through the narrowest part... Hannah is trying to help Jacob through.... to no avail.

Before we left back home we had to make a few stops at some of our favorite places. Like:
-Marv's for another milkshake
-Waffle Love... for the love of all that is good, this was my first time getting that, and it was utterly amazing!
-And we made a pit stop at the temple to see the lights.

Other VERY noteworthy moments from this trip:
The inside pool... the kids FAVORITE thing of the whole trip and the thing they remember most!
Our breakfast every morning together with cousins. We would wake up and head straight there, so we looked gooooood.
Nights in our room waiting for the babies in the other rooms to fall asleep.
And of course, just to make sure our neighbors loved us... there may have been some hallway running.

Such a great trip!!! So much to be thankful for!

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