Thursday, December 31, 2015

The BIG 3

Jovie girl had her 3rd birthday on New Year's Eve!!! My baby is no longer a baby, which is just awful. Jovie is truly a breath of fresh air. She is a girl with a LOT of personality. She is constantly singing, or dancing, both real songs and songs she makes up.... seriously like all. the. time. She can be the happiest girl, or the angriest person; but, most of the time it's happy. She smiles all the time and loves to be the center of attention. At nursery she was all by herself. So, the two leaders were talking to one another (who knows about what), and she goes up to them and asks if they are talking about Dovie (which is how she says her own name)? When they said no, she says to them, "Talk about Dovie."

She is pretty good about keeping herself entertained and LOVES sculpting; like most days (for hours) she plays with Play-doh, Silly Putty, or Sand Art. She adores Peyton and loves to be near her and tells me all the time how much she loves her sister. They both consider each other their best friend and play (almost always) awesome together. They beg me daily to put them into the same room to sleep. In fact, she is really good about telling us all how much she loves us, usually out of nowhere. It's one of my favorite things. She is pretty attached to me, which for the most part is nice, although it can be a tad frustrating when Wes tries to help and she insists she was only talking to Mommy. I can give the same response he did and then she will accept the response because I gave it.

Jovie tells me all the time she can't do certain things because "she is too little." She loves to be a baby, and is just coming to terms that she is almost "a big girl" now that she turned 3. Actually, there are a few things she will do now, just by simply saying she is 3. One of which is try new food, because yes, she is still pretty picky. No meat for the most part, but she will eat Chick-Fil-A, and In-N-Out meat and that's about it. She loves rice, noodles, pancakes (actually any breakfast food) and pretty much lives off of fruit snacks and fruit in general.

She is obsessed with animals and has no fear of them. All her Christmas and birthday gifts revolved around animals. We took her to the park to feed ducks the other day, and even though she was a little nervous of them, she truly could NOT resist touching the big white one and had to reach out to feel him. She catches bugs, insects and any other animal she can. It is so cute and something I just love about her.

We sure love this little girl. She brings so much happiness into our family and I am so grateful to call her mine!

For her birthday we took her to Shakey's Pizza... which sounds like more fun than it was. Besides the fact that almost every one of their game machines was broken, we are pretty sure it gave us food poisoning. Well, besides Jovie, which for the first time ever I was happy she is such a bad eater.
 Wes was sad I took this picture because he thinks he looks inattentive on the phone. So I have to make a side-note here that I am pretty sure this was a family member calling to talk about Jovie's birthday and setting up seeing her that day.

Later that night (New Years Eve) we celebrated with cake, ice-cream and a few friends, before we went home to vomit the rest of the night away. But, she had a great day and loved all the attention and singing everyone did for her.
I have to give one more side-note on behalf of Weston B. here. He would usually be standing there next to me (rather than behind us on the couch) singing, celebrating and photo taking. However, his "food poisoning/flu" or whatever it was had already hit by this point and he was too nervous to stand up in fear that things would come out. Poor guy.
---Every time someone called to say "Happy Birthday" to her she would respond back with "Happy Birthday!" She also requested to almost anyone she saw that day, that they sing to her. Like I said, not a shy little person.

My BIG 3 year old!

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