Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Continued

..... after family photos we headed back to Grandpa's house, which much to his dismay at times was the mother-ship for the week. Poor Grandpa was not used to the chaos and noise. And let me tell you, with so many little ones it got pretty noisy in there.

Brinley (who just might be the sweetest 10 year old I know) had called up Grammy earlier in the week to plan an activity/craft for the kids. Together, they took all the little ones over to the house Fred and Sandie were staying at to create rice crispy pumpkin treats. My kids loved it... as did I, since they were happy and taken care of. In fact, this was a VERY easy week for Wes and I as the kids played with older cousins almost the whole time and needed very little from us. Like I said, we commented multiple times on how we are going back in to the hard stage whereas right now we have things pretty easy.
Grandpa Gubler also had a surprise for all the kids this day too! He had planned with a neighbor friend of his for us to walk over and check out this guy's awesome backyard, in which he had created a mini train display. It was pretty incredible. Especially for little boys like Wyatt, who lives for planes, trains and automobiles. But, really all the kids (and even us adults) were pretty fascinated with it.
Jovie was also taken with her Great Grandpa and throughout the week I would find her sitting with him, or talking about him. Each morning she would wake up and excitedly ask if we were going to Grandpa Gub-a-ler's house. My heart was so happy finding the two of them like this numerous times that week.
I'll start actual Thanksgiving day tomorrow! It was a good day!

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