Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Post

Most of the time for Thanksgiving I am the worst picture taker. This year however, I stepped up my game, so I may be breaking the week of Thanksgiving up into different posts. Because this year was a Utah year, and Fred and Sandie have their house rented, we stayed in a hotel with other family members, and so it felt like a real vacation.... especially to my kids. They thought it was the best thing ever to have a connecting room to cousins, an INSIDE pool (seriously there was nothing in the world better than that for them), and a breakfast downstairs together every. single. morning. Yes, this was quite the fun-filled week for our little family.

We got there Monday evening and just said a quick hello to the rest of the family at Grandpa Gubler's house and had some dinner and then headed to our hotel to check that out. Again... heaven for the kids. We had an awesome view of the temple from our room and the kids spent a lot of time looking out the window.

Tuesday the real fun began with a little hike to some petroglyphs with the family. They were so rad! Totally worth the walk... I can't even call it a hike it was just so easy. After climbing and exploring around those for a while we found a little Indian village to explore. Once kids (and adults alike) started complaining about hunger we headed back for some "Spike Ball" which is a new favorite, and more importantly dinner, while more family from all over trickled in for the week.
 Our hiking group
 Anasazi Indian Village
 Hanging out while the boys played SpikeBall
 And the kids played in Grandpa Gub's awesome truck.
 Finally all the cute brothers together!

Wednesday was spent taking family photos, since that hasn't happened with the whole family in about 6 years. And we of course we had to hit up our favorite little joint Marv's for the best shakes after!
I'll finish up Wed. on my next post. Give you all something to look forward to. ;)

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Daniel Todd said...

Great post, sounds like fun and I laughed because our kids love hotels too. Give them a pool and the free breakfast and they're content.