Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Aleman Thanksgivings come with a few solid traditions. One being the Thanksgiving morning boy's basketball game.... Gublers vs. Alemans. Of course as people have aged up and into the game, or out of the game completely those teams have changed a bit. And since it seems like one of the boys gets injured doing something or another in the days leading up to it, substitutions always have to be made; but it's been a fun tradition. To be honest, I see things changing now as the family dynamic has changed--- we'll see. But, this year held true to form and we all met at Grandpa's ward building for the morning game.

I must say my baby dominated... no surprise. He's such a stud. I can't help but find him extra attractive as I watch him play. You know, he did kinda win my heart during basketball, so I guess it's just ingrained in me.

After the game and getting cleaned up... the real party started. Basically, I consider it a real party once an entire table of food is set up. My standards are pretty easy. We all met at Lynn's house where we hung out and waited for food to be ready. Talking, more games, etc. Jovie was often found in the center of the circle. trying to be in the a picture, or doing a dance while everyone watched. She is not my shy child, that's for sure.
More Spike Ball
 Dinner is set up in Lynn's impeccable garage. Somehow we can fit our large group all in there.
 After dinner we took our annual family photos.
 Grandpa and most of his grandkids.
And then it was time for games (no pictures), a Thanksgiving presentation put on by the kids with the help of Wes' cousin Amy. And of course lots and lots and lots of pie.
We went home feeling sick and happy... just like it should be at the end of any day.

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