Sunday, December 20, 2015

Party Time!

We attended 2 really fun Christmas parties this year.

The first was our good friends the Bock's annual Christmas party, this year's theme: "Pajama Party"; where we were expected to show up in our jammies. We got to the party a little late and were surprised to find only the host couple and one other couple in pajamas AT ALL. And there's were just comfy pants and a t-shirt. No one else was even in them. We on the other hand showed up like this....
It's a good thing we don't embarrass easily. Ha! It was a fun time and we won a game that looked hopeless. Always a perk.

The second was the Hull's 10th annual Christmas party. You might remember past years themes, like this one here, and here. This year they went all out and it was a BLAST! I couldn't believe the amount of work, the forethought and all the effort that went into this night, it was like a professional event. They did an "Amazing Race" theme having 10 different teams of 4 people racing around Victoria Gardens (the nearby outdoor mall) in matching colors competing in different games for awesome prizes. We did not win... though we did our darndest! But, I think everyone who showed up had a good time and was impressed with the night and the Hulls. Although Jill and I were not impressed with our sore bodies the next day having fallen in spite of our baby bellies, and other friends were lucky not to be in labor the next day. It was intense I'm telling you!
Our team after a long night of running, face painting and fun!

Boy do I love the fun events leading up to Christmas thanks to my awesome and creative friends!

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