Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ok, I warned you now that Peyton is in Kindergarten, you would hear a lot (almost too much) about it.

November was an example to us of how well Peyton is doing in school, and how much she adores everything about it.

First: She was made the November student of the month.
Remember folks this is our first time with this, so it's all new. We were informed there would be an early morning assembly, so naturally we invited Grandparents. We brought Peyton with us early so she could receive her award and got to the 8 o'clock assembly at 8:03 only to find we had already missed her name being called. They are very effecient apparently. Luckily, the principal saw Peyton get there late and when she finished with the 5th graders called her name again so she could get her award. The entire thing was maybe 10 minutes, and was solely just her name being called and it was done. We will no longer invite grandparents to this. What a debacle. She also got to go to Shakey's Pizza with the principal on the school bus with all the other student of the months for a special treat. Daddy went to help out and it was definitely a highlight for her.

Second: Awards assembly
Peyton got 2 awards at the kindergarten assembly (one of the few to do so). She was recognized for meeting all core standards, and excelling in reading (which she really is). This was more like the assembly I expected, sitting in the cafeteria, etc. However, we did not invite anyone to this until we knew what it would be like... no repeat of the last one. Next time we will invite grandparents however.

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