Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More From December

Okay moving on to our other fun December/Christmas activities.

Growing up we always went to see the lights in Chino. Now those are still fun when we are in the area, but we LOVE going to the Thoroughbred lights in Rancho. They are spectacular... putting Chino to shame! The kids almost can't enjoy them because there is just so much going on. But, I love the tradition and look forward to it every year, whether we make it with friends or just our own little family it makes no difference.

We just happened to find this little gem about a mile or two from our house while we were out caroling and dropping off goodies to some friends.

We decorated the house with a lot of help from Peyton's school crafts, which are just so precious and I think she needs to stay in Kindergarten for forever!
Our card wall grew as the month progressed. I LOVE getting Christmas cards, which is why it is such a bummer I didn't send any out this year.

Jovie who will be heading into primary with the big kids starting on Sunday did some practice in there the last few weeks. A friend of mine took some photos and told me she was awesome in there!
The rest to be continued.........

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