Friday, December 4, 2015

Living Nativity

My church puts on a huge community Christmas celebration every year. School choirs, bands and over 1000 creche (or nativities) are displayed. It is really a neat thing to witness, and Peyton as part of our church's primary got to be part of the living nativity. They put on two of those every night for the 3 nights it happens.

We showed up on our night to do it, and Jovie really, really, REALLY wanted to be part of it (technically she is a little young, but I thought she would be okay.) So, she and a little friend of hers were the animals in the stable. Jovie (who is NOT) my shy child reveled in all the attention up on stage. She got up there, waved down to her friends in the audience, picked her nose, and smiled really wide the entire time. Peyton who was convinced to be a wise man instead of an angel was a very serious wise man, delivering her gift with the utmost attention. My heart was happy watching this.

Jovie and BFF Charlotte as the little animals in the stable
 Peyton, like last year wanted to be one of about 6 angels with her friends.
 However, due to a shortage of kids we were in need of wise men and shepherds. After a lot of convincing, I got her to change her mind. Since then, she has quite an affinity towards them in the stories we have read and watched. It's now her choice if given.
 Putting on the nativity

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