Monday, December 28, 2015

Frozen on Ice

My parent's for Christmas gave my girls a date with them to see Frozen, Disney on Ice. Luckily for them they did not have to wait long as it was all set for the day after Christmas. I think I only told them about it once, yet on the 26th they woke up and were instantly asking when it was time to go. So, yes, they were excited for it!

Wes and I got a gift out of this too, as both kids were gone the entire afternoon, leaving us with a lot of free time and new gift cards to AMC and Miguel Jr's. So, we did what any good parents would do and took advantage of this time to go on a little date to see the new Star Wars. We were not disappointed and both loved the movie... though we were both Star Wars fans going into it too.
Oh, I didn't mention the fact that Wes kept his mustache he shaved for Christmas Eve? Because that came with us too.
I love activity gifts, and think that it is great my kids get to have special one on one time with their grandparents. I never got to do that with most of my grandparents and didn't have the relationship with them that my kids are so blessed to have with theirs. They adore both sides because they have the opportunity to get to know them and see them so often. I am so incredibly grateful for that!

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