Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve my mom comes up with a "cultural" theme of sorts. The dress, food and sometime activities typically correlate. This year  (an especially hard theme to dress for) was Old Victorian. Think Charles Dickens in a Christmas Carol. Being that I am a little larger than usual, and most of my clothes don't really fit, did not dress up. After googling many images for the theme, the only kind of things that were showing up were things like this:
So for the girls and Wes we threw together anything we had that semi fit the bill. The girls were pretty bad, Wes on the other hand nailed it. As you can see we went leniently this year with the theme. Some fit into the 1920s a little better, we had a few Tiny Tim's and even a ghost of Christmas Present. Regardless of the authenticity of the outfits, it's just fun to see how it all comes together (or doesn't) in the end.

The kids each with their own unique take.
And the adults who actually tried.

Then the festivities began. Which included: games, figgy pudding, cookie decorating, real white elephant gifts (you know like the kind you laugh at and no one actually wants to steal. Well, besides the 100oz AmPm refillable cup.) Of course there was the annual nativity, which just gets better and better each year. We ate, danced, laughed, exchanged gifts, got pj's from Nana and Boppie, colored our big family papers to take home and had a wonderful time all together before we parted ways to prepare for Christmas Day.

At home we set out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, hung our paper in the hallway to run through in the morning and went to bed. Mom and Dad had our little annual Christmas Eve date with a movie, cider, and all that comes with Christmas Eve.

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