Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve... Fiasco

Welp, in my last post from New Years Eve (Jovie's birthday) I made brief mention of our fun (seriously need sarcastic font) New Year's celebration. Cuz' it was truly anything but fun.

Sure it started off ok, we had Jovie's birthday breakfast, Shakey's Pizza (angry fist shake), visits with Grandparents and then we were off to friend's house to keep the party going.

Except for the fact that on the drive over Wes said he wasn't feeling well, and food sounded gross. Which is a shame since we were in charge of it. Which brings me to my next angry party of NYE, waiting over an hour (seriously) to purchase carne asada from Cardenas. I don't even like it as much as Costco's carne asada but Costco didn't have any the day before when we went. So we were stuck with Cardenas.... big mistake. So we arrived at our friend's house sick (Wes) and hangry (me)... don't make a prego April wait that long to eat. I get hangry regularly, so throw in pregnancy and things tend to get ugly. Taryn made me a dirty diet coke (diet coke with a little coconut) and things started looking up. Until Wes started looking down into the toilet.

Poor guy BBQ'd up our meat and shrimp and then was toast the rest of the night. He was so sick.

We still tried to have fun, celebrating Jovie's birthday and chatting. But by 10:30 PM he was sick in the bathroom again, and we knew our night was over at this point. So we found a countdown on demand and let the kids do a little makeshift celebration.
Then my family was on it's way home at 11 PM. (Sorry we were a bust McCooks). Luckily both kids were dead asleep by the end of the street and no more incidents for Wes.

At home we started carrying the kids to bed only to have Peyton start vomiting all over Wes at the top of the stairs. She puked all over the carpet 2 times before we got her to the toilet. She finished up in the bathroom, reached back and said "towel." She is the man when it comes to puking, which is good all things considered.

So, with that, I set a bowl by her bed (which she used 2 more times during the night, which we only discovered in the morning (she never wakes us up) and I sent my sick husband to bed and I started the clean up process. Wes came out as I was on my hands and knees shop-vac"ing" up vomit at midnight to wish me "Happy New Year!" No kiss this year.

I went to bed feeling a little queasy (whether from cleaning up throw up or actually being sick I wasn't sure). But, by 2 AM I was sure, I had been hit. Which is why I think it was food poisoning due to the quickness we all were hit, but who really knows at this point. I was up every few hours the rest of the night. Luckily my last bout was at 7ish and we were all done throwing up. And eating for a while.

The next day we all looked like this all day.
I'm pretty sure none of us moved. It was the worst!

So there you have it. Our NYE! Way to bring in a new year. It is at least one we won't forget anytime soon.

The BIG 3

Jovie girl had her 3rd birthday on New Year's Eve!!! My baby is no longer a baby, which is just awful. Jovie is truly a breath of fresh air. She is a girl with a LOT of personality. She is constantly singing, or dancing, both real songs and songs she makes up.... seriously like all. the. time. She can be the happiest girl, or the angriest person; but, most of the time it's happy. She smiles all the time and loves to be the center of attention. At nursery she was all by herself. So, the two leaders were talking to one another (who knows about what), and she goes up to them and asks if they are talking about Dovie (which is how she says her own name)? When they said no, she says to them, "Talk about Dovie."

She is pretty good about keeping herself entertained and LOVES sculpting; like most days (for hours) she plays with Play-doh, Silly Putty, or Sand Art. She adores Peyton and loves to be near her and tells me all the time how much she loves her sister. They both consider each other their best friend and play (almost always) awesome together. They beg me daily to put them into the same room to sleep. In fact, she is really good about telling us all how much she loves us, usually out of nowhere. It's one of my favorite things. She is pretty attached to me, which for the most part is nice, although it can be a tad frustrating when Wes tries to help and she insists she was only talking to Mommy. I can give the same response he did and then she will accept the response because I gave it.

Jovie tells me all the time she can't do certain things because "she is too little." She loves to be a baby, and is just coming to terms that she is almost "a big girl" now that she turned 3. Actually, there are a few things she will do now, just by simply saying she is 3. One of which is try new food, because yes, she is still pretty picky. No meat for the most part, but she will eat Chick-Fil-A, and In-N-Out meat and that's about it. She loves rice, noodles, pancakes (actually any breakfast food) and pretty much lives off of fruit snacks and fruit in general.

She is obsessed with animals and has no fear of them. All her Christmas and birthday gifts revolved around animals. We took her to the park to feed ducks the other day, and even though she was a little nervous of them, she truly could NOT resist touching the big white one and had to reach out to feel him. She catches bugs, insects and any other animal she can. It is so cute and something I just love about her.

We sure love this little girl. She brings so much happiness into our family and I am so grateful to call her mine!

For her birthday we took her to Shakey's Pizza... which sounds like more fun than it was. Besides the fact that almost every one of their game machines was broken, we are pretty sure it gave us food poisoning. Well, besides Jovie, which for the first time ever I was happy she is such a bad eater.
 Wes was sad I took this picture because he thinks he looks inattentive on the phone. So I have to make a side-note here that I am pretty sure this was a family member calling to talk about Jovie's birthday and setting up seeing her that day.

Later that night (New Years Eve) we celebrated with cake, ice-cream and a few friends, before we went home to vomit the rest of the night away. But, she had a great day and loved all the attention and singing everyone did for her.
I have to give one more side-note on behalf of Weston B. here. He would usually be standing there next to me (rather than behind us on the couch) singing, celebrating and photo taking. However, his "food poisoning/flu" or whatever it was had already hit by this point and he was too nervous to stand up in fear that things would come out. Poor guy.
---Every time someone called to say "Happy Birthday" to her she would respond back with "Happy Birthday!" She also requested to almost anyone she saw that day, that they sing to her. Like I said, not a shy little person.

My BIG 3 year old!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Frozen on Ice

My parent's for Christmas gave my girls a date with them to see Frozen, Disney on Ice. Luckily for them they did not have to wait long as it was all set for the day after Christmas. I think I only told them about it once, yet on the 26th they woke up and were instantly asking when it was time to go. So, yes, they were excited for it!

Wes and I got a gift out of this too, as both kids were gone the entire afternoon, leaving us with a lot of free time and new gift cards to AMC and Miguel Jr's. So, we did what any good parents would do and took advantage of this time to go on a little date to see the new Star Wars. We were not disappointed and both loved the movie... though we were both Star Wars fans going into it too.
Oh, I didn't mention the fact that Wes kept his mustache he shaved for Christmas Eve? Because that came with us too.
I love activity gifts, and think that it is great my kids get to have special one on one time with their grandparents. I never got to do that with most of my grandparents and didn't have the relationship with them that my kids are so blessed to have with theirs. They adore both sides because they have the opportunity to get to know them and see them so often. I am so incredibly grateful for that!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day- Afternoon

After a fun morning at home we headed over to Wes' parent's house for the afternoon festivities with family. Of course we had good food, good fun and good company.

Sandie does a great job coming up with games for the adults to play, which sadly gets overshadowed with all the needy babies. Cry babies! We won our prizes this year using a dart gun, balloons and sheer luck. I would say we did alright for ourselves though. Thank you Sandie for your time and effort, it does not go unnoticed.

I extra enjoyed this year as our kids are at an age where they play well with cousins and need Wes and I very little which allows us to truly enjoy our time. Next year I am all to aware will not be the same, but of course that too will add it's own element of fun to the mix.
self posed btw... she is such a crack up
 And speaking of being a crack up... this too was all her doing and choice...

How truly grateful I am for the wonderful family members (on both sides) Wes and I are lucky to have. I couldn't ask for more wonderful people to share our life (and name) with! This time of year is wonderful since we get so much precious time together! It is the greatest gift we could get. Our upcoming cruise isn't such a bad gift either though. Boom!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day---Morning

I love Christmas morning more as a mom than I have in years past. I think you either want to be a child or have a child to truly get the magic that is Christmas! This year with my kid's ages and their expectations and fun reactions, I could not have asked for a better morning.

I have mentioned in years past we hang a big paper across the hallway for our kids to run through to reveal Christmas. It is something I always did with my family growing up and I loved it and I am happy to continue the tradition in my own home. I am truly sad that for whatever reason my video camera did not record the kids break through. Jovie was so intense it was hilarious watching her face. Peyton always does it with a big smile. Dang fickle phone video camera; Because their facial expressions were awesome!

I stole this picture from my brother of his family getting their paper ready on Christmas Eve, just so you could have a visual of what I am referring to.
And again one of his photos showing how it is put up to block the tree/gifts until the morning when the kids break through it.
We spent a wonderful morning opening up presents. Halfway through opening gifts Peyton kept wondering why Santa didn't bring her a trampoline and was kinda disappointed but in a funny way. The best part is all she had to do was look directly out the window in front of her to see the trampoline all set up in the backyard. Wes and I kept exchanging amused looks every time she would question where it was. Honestly, we did Christmas pretty low key this year yet the kids could not have been happier.

One of the best things about having Christmas in California is being able to enjoy presents outside all day after. Which is exactly what we did for a few hours.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve my mom comes up with a "cultural" theme of sorts. The dress, food and sometime activities typically correlate. This year  (an especially hard theme to dress for) was Old Victorian. Think Charles Dickens in a Christmas Carol. Being that I am a little larger than usual, and most of my clothes don't really fit, did not dress up. After googling many images for the theme, the only kind of things that were showing up were things like this:
So for the girls and Wes we threw together anything we had that semi fit the bill. The girls were pretty bad, Wes on the other hand nailed it. As you can see we went leniently this year with the theme. Some fit into the 1920s a little better, we had a few Tiny Tim's and even a ghost of Christmas Present. Regardless of the authenticity of the outfits, it's just fun to see how it all comes together (or doesn't) in the end.

The kids each with their own unique take.
And the adults who actually tried.

Then the festivities began. Which included: games, figgy pudding, cookie decorating, real white elephant gifts (you know like the kind you laugh at and no one actually wants to steal. Well, besides the 100oz AmPm refillable cup.) Of course there was the annual nativity, which just gets better and better each year. We ate, danced, laughed, exchanged gifts, got pj's from Nana and Boppie, colored our big family papers to take home and had a wonderful time all together before we parted ways to prepare for Christmas Day.

At home we set out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, hung our paper in the hallway to run through in the morning and went to bed. Mom and Dad had our little annual Christmas Eve date with a movie, cider, and all that comes with Christmas Eve.