Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Are You Going to Be on Halloween Night?

One of my favorite things from this year was singing old Halloween songs from my childhood.

My kids especially loved this song- which is frankly just...... well, horid. Yet I remember singing this song and my kids loved it! It is almost guaranteed to make you laugh because it is so bad.

We also listened to a lot of, "What are you going to be on Halloween Night?"........

And it also just so happened that my kids each chose a character from this song.

Peyton had her costume picked out for forever, and knew exactly how she wanted it to be. A sheet ghost! It had to be scary too. Honestly, she only wanted her eyes cut out but I knew that probably wouldn't fly all night for a 5 year old, so we did improvise a little with her permission of course.

Jovie on the other hand was pretty set on being a black cat for most of the beginning of October. However, somewhere along the lines she got being a witch in her head and never looked back once she committed to it and told anyone and everyone she was going to be "a scary witch." And once I painted Peyton's face, she just had to have her face painted too.
The two loved being dressed up and did super getting their faces painted! Peyton sure was one of a kind, ironically because how iconic is a sheet ghost?! Jovie was one of many witched, but in my humble opinion she was the cutest one around.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't really happy they were what they were and not princesses. I love that they have unique personalities and still don't know they are "supposed" to be feminine. I love that Peyton LOVED her costume and didn't care no one else looked like her (and in my opinion she looked so hilarious). She loved scaring people and loved when people acted scared... she did scare a few young kids for reals too. And every ghost decoration she would yell.... "There's my cousin!"

Halloween we split our time between our ward Halloween party with a fun (real) hay ride, games, bounce houses, and then meeting with some friends in a nearby neighborhood for some real trick or treating. The kids were awesome and had so much fun with their besties! I am really greatful for the friends we've made and the friends the kids have. They are wonderful kids!

Wes and I didn't feel like we had enough reason to dress up so we were a bunch of bums this year, but hope to do something again next year.
Jovie really enjoyed the "cake walk" at the ward party. And when I say cake I mean frosting, because that's all she eats. And she loves her some chocolate frosting.
And Peyton and her friends on the hay ride... proving that the freaks do truly come out at night.

Then trick or treating time with our friends. It was an absolutley fabulous night.
And if Peyton doesn't truly look scary and hilarious in this photo, I just don't know what to tell ya. Wes and I about died laughing looking at her in this.

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Daniel Todd said...

The girls are absolutely adorable in all of these photos! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you had fun even though we missed you.