Sunday, November 29, 2015

Party of 5

In case you didn't see the BIG announcement (on social media, where things get real), we are adding another little one to our family in April of 2016.

Welcoming Baby "Blobby".

Technically my due date is May 1st, but due to the ectopic pregnancy I had a few years ago and some of the repercussions of that I will have to have a c-section; which puts me a week earlier. And yes, I have talked to my Dr about trying a v-back but he said no Dr will touch me having had an inner uterine cut, so it is what it is at this point.

We are excited, nervous, and all those in between feelings! I'm sure anyone who has added another baby to the mix knows the feeling well. Obviously, we are (I don't want to say hoping) but for lack of a better word hoping for a boy. Well, not all of us. The girls usually say they want a girl and both even told me they would pray for a girl, once I said it was not up to me but Heavenly Father to decide. I also think it'll be a girl, just because, well, that's what it's always been you know.

However, with that said I have been so sick this pregnancy which is completely NEW! I was never sick with either of the other girls, and oh man, it's been so bad this time around. Maybe it's just because I am older this time around, I'm not sure, but yuck! And again teaching seminary and being in your first trimester does not go together well. Boy have I been sleepy. :) I was also so nervous in the beginning having had that ectopic and a miscarriage in the last 2 years, and everything has scared the crap out of me. Any pain, or sickness or lack thereof. Therefore, it's nice getting a little farther into this pregnancy just to ease the nerves a bit. Can't wait until I can feel the baby move often to have that physical reminder that all is well.

I am now 18 weeks... almost half way done, which is CRAZY! I feel pretty darn good now. And am starting to show recently, which is fun and hard. Again moms you know what I am saying. I am currently in the awkward in between stage, which is a hard place; but something I am willing to do to love a new little baby.

Jovie surprisingly has been the most excited. She asks to hold the baby all the time, talks to it often and asks about it all the time.

I think we are crazy to add another infant to our lives, being that it just got to the easy stage, but I really am so ready. So yay for baby!!!

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