Friday, November 13, 2015

Halloween Prep

It feels soooo weird to write about Halloween since it feels like it happened a lifetime ago, even though it was only like 2 weeks.

My girls were enthralled with Halloween this year. Claiming it was their all-time favorite holiday for 100 million years... their words, not mine. So anything and everything Halloween they just loved. Even if it scared them just a bit. Don't get me wrong, we didn't do anything scary and don't do scary Halloween, they are just sensitive souls is all.

To prepare for the big day we crafted, carved, watched Halloween movies, trunk or treated at different places, hit up a pumpkin patch, and ate way too much candy. Like seriously lived off candy for about 2 weeks it felt like.

At Peyton's school "Fall Festival":

Jovie and her Cinderella friends, Ruthie and Charlotte (aka Chummy)
 Peyton with her teacher Miss Woken
 And with her BFF Gracy
I made my girls bring their allowance to buy things there... they both chose cotton candy. 
 And Jovie chose this game, while Peyton opted to go through the "Freaky (or freaking as Peyton said) Fun House" with Wes.
 Of course we put up our decorations and crafted a bit throughout the month. The girls loved some of the decorations and used it on themselves.
Carving pumpkins--- a Halloween must. Don't be fooled by Jovie who was completely uninterested and was quite content watching Hotel Transylvania and eating popcorn while I did all the dirty work. Peyton was awesome and did most of hers (besides the actual carving) all by herself for the first time ever. Although I don't think she was too sad joining her sister either.
-Funny fact: that purple bucket was Jovie's trick or treat bucket and literally never left her side at home. She had it in her hands at all times. She didn't really care about the candy but HAD to have the bucket within sight at all times. Even when she slept she had to have it on her dresser. The first thing she did when she woke up is grab her bucket and constantly carried it around. I think it is funny it made it into this picture.
For my dad's birthday (on the 25th) we went with the whole family to our favorite pumpkin patch. We failed to consider the fact it was the last weekend before Halloween and slammed. I may have had a minor panic attack and lost my cool... I was also starving and tired which does not make for a pleasant April. But regardless of those things, we really did have a blast.
And I felt loads better getting some delicious Spaghetti Factory in my system as we ended the celebratory night.
Another night Wes and Jovie met Peyton and me after her dance class at Chick-Fil-A for their fall festival. The girls got their face painted, we rode the "hay ride" and pet some animals all before enjoying a delicious meal. Have I mentioned that Chick Fila is practically the only place Jovie will eat meat? Girl has good taste I suppose.
 And again we joined my parents for their wards party and trunk or treat before the real deal holifield.
 Peyton won the "spookiest costume" award during their costume parade.
 2 weeks of candy folks......
 We also went one night to "The Halloween House" by my brother in Riverside. But this was one of the more infuriating moments of my month. We got there super early and parked ourselves (genuinely the first ones there). As late comers came this big man (pushing I would guess about 400 lbs) stood directly in front of us. When the show started I kindly asked him to sit or move to the side as he was blocking my kids and family (and about half the house). He stared at me and didn't bother moving at all. I was teary eyed with anger and even my very calm, cool, and collected husband was more bothered than I usually ever see him. So much that we were both stewing and we just ended up leaving and took the girls to get donuts instead. People... seriously I am getting mad writing about this. Luckily, we had seen a few songs from a previous show, so Jovie got to dance to Halloween music which is all she cared about anyway.
 Can you believe we still have the actual night to write about?!

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