Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That's What She Said

I totally need to write down dates these were said, because I make notes in my phone of these funny things they say, and they sit on my phone for months and months and sometimes more months.

Peyton and Jovie playing....
P: Want to go to Carl's Jr and play with Carl Jr or something?
(I think we have maybe gone to Carl's Jr once since they were born BTW)

I can't remember if I wrote about this in a past post or not, but seriously this is one of my favorites. When we were in Vegas with my mom waaaay back when (I think it was April) we ordered up a pack-n-play for miss Jovie to sleep in. When it arrived that kid was stoked! She ran around telling everyone... "Look at my new cage!"

Jovie was so sad about being laid down one night and was clinging like death to me (which I may secretly love) and said, "I just want to hold you forever." It may have bought her some extra time too.

I was playing soccer with the girls in the backyard... and schooling them I might add. ;) Peyton said to me: "Mom you're really old, but really fast!"

I cut the girls sandwiches sometimes with cookie cutters.  One day I cut Peyton's in the shape of a gingerbread man to which she exclaimed, "Yeah, mine is shaped like a dead guy!" I have since come to the assumption she may have stolen that line from Despicable Me, but at the time I didn't know that, and I was dying when I heard it.

We have some friends at church who do a babysitting swap with us. Jovie saw them sitting behind us at church one day and pointed at them and said so happily, "I like them!"

I know I said this before but Jovie seriously has the cutest little voice ever. She is in the habit of saying things like "awesome, that's cool, this is beautiful, actually, well..." and because of her voice it is the funniest, cutest thing to hear. She always talks about how silly things are, and does silly voices to go along with it. She talks about how cute she was as a baby all the time too.

Peyton and Jovie do a cheer together that goes, "Whoa Sesame Street!" Instead of "open sesame". They also love doing "Rock-paper-scissor-shoot" and do it a lot on car rides.

Jovie loves to tape----paint. "Look mom, I'm taping!"

Jovie will tell me, "Say Oh my goodness to me," just so she can reply with, "I'm just kidding."

Jovie again: "I have 2 coughes-es." In reality it wasn't even a cough at all, but 2 fake hiccups.

Jovie: "Ga-ross (gross) that has worms in it! Ewwww" She also constantly (like daily) says "_____ smells like poop."

Jovie: "Mommy, do you know I love you?"

Peyton went through a stage she loved to trick us. P: "Hey look a bunny! April foooooood!" (April fools)

Jovie crying in bed. After a while I went in to cover her feet, which is why she was crying. (That girl constantly throws off her blanket and then gets mad she can't cover herself up again). I also noticed her baby doll on the ground and asked if she wanted her. Her response: "No, she's bugging me."

Speaking of funny sleeping moments... Jovie being a pill going to sleep once again was screaming for us from her bed (not for the 1st time that night) so Wes goes in and tells her she needs to go to sleep. And she says her everyday response of "but..." and whatever excuse she has that moment. This specific time is, "but I need to go potty." We take them right before they lay down, so this is an empty threat and Wes says, "no you need to go to bed." She then responds with a very well timed and well played response from Daniel Tiger of "but, if you have to go potty stop and go right away?" Which is what we tell her because she constantly waits until the last minute and then can't hold it. So, of course, she wins that round and he takes her.

Someone gave something to Jovie at the store and called her Sweetie. About 5 minutes later I called her over using her name and she quickly corrected me saying "No mommy, I sweetie like the man said."

While eating Peyton was super frustrated that the food wasn't "hitting the spot"... that is until the last bite and she pointed at a specific spot on her tummy and said, "thaaaaat hit the spot."

Jovie: "Hey mom. I like to eat boogers."

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