Saturday, October 31, 2015


Here it is... the rest of September. Really it's not even events so much as just cute photos of the girls I can't stand to leave out.

I was reading to the girls one morning, and Wes snapped this.
 One day my family all met together to do a 6 (I think) mile bike ride to the Soup Plantation and back. The kids did awesome. I only had one major scare when Peyton went quickly downhill towards the main street and fell over right before into the bushes.
 I forget where we were coming from but this little girl still crashes from time to time.
 I've always thought Peyton looked like my mom until Sandie sent this one over to me of her as a kid. Now I think she looks like both of her grandma's and very little like either or her parents.
 My favorite.... "shhhhhhh"
Me and my Peyton Pie
 One of Jovie's many selfies.
 A rare cold day.... if it rains, they must wear their boots.
 We watched some friends of ours and had a lot of fun playing at the park and lake.
 Cousins!!! It's so fun to watch these 2, only 28 days apart but so very different in so many ways.
 They took photos of each other on my phone. I found them and my heart just melted!

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Daniel Todd said...

Time is fleeting, good to see you appreciate your beautiful family April (and Wes). 😊