Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mom's Work Party

This was my Mom's 2nd annual beach work party and lemme tell ya... it just got better. This year ironically, was a little less crowded. Which was shocking to me because last year was such a blast! Our kids and all the adults had the best time. In fact, my kids are still talking about it. Between the delicious all you can eat BBQ, fish tacos, hot-dogs, snow-cones, popsicles, popcorn, drinks, arcade, airbrushing and henna tattoos, and of course all the fun water toys and swimming we were busy and having fun all day. Plus they put on some dancing, games like limbo and other things the kids enjoyed and won some prizes at.

Thank you NAMM (whatever that stands for) company and especially my Mama for the good time!!!

The girls were obsessed with their butterflies for a few days after this and were devastated when they finally came off.
 But I definitely think the favorite of the day was the limbo competition. 
It was an anything goes kind of competition. Peyton shed a few tears because she didn't last as long as some cousins.
 And Jovie won a prize for being the smallest competitor. I also think she may have won the prize simply for being so cute and excitable each time she successfully came through the round.
Although I assure you she was not the only one who enjoyed this game. 
 Asher tied for first with his "crab walk" technique that was quite entertaining for all of us spectators.
My kids are seriously so happy playing with cousins. And although like I have mentioned before I don't ever have water fun photos for fear of breaking my phone, we all had a good time swimming, SUP-ping, kayaking, and just playing in the mud.
 Peyton ended the day on the slides with William and Asher. My mom asked what had happened to her bathing suit. Upon examination we found out she had torn her suit on the seams of the slide (she had said it hurt her bum) and needless to say this suit is now toast. Funny toast though... that's for sure. Who knows how long she walked around like that though?!

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