Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Girl's Weekend 2015: Catalina

The girl's weekend post is always so daunting. There is so much to write about and I always feel too tired to take on the task. Too much fun, too many photos, too many inside jokes. However, I feel a sub-par job is better than never actually getting around to it. So I will highlight the trip using photos as my drive:

Ready for our early boat ride. I was a little bitter about waking up so early. Kinda twisted to skip seminary teaching that day and still have to wake up in the 5 o'clock hour. Have I not mentioned Wes and I are teaching seminary this year?
The boatride over was pretty full and we didn't want to be stuck inside so we jumped on the lifevests.

We arrived on the island and couldn't check into our hotel or check our luggage. So we lugged it around for a couple of hours and did our best to keep ourselves occupied. Like eating. Is there a better way to waste time on vacation?

It was a warm day so after checking into our place we suited up for snorkeling at Hamilton's Cove... the private little beach we had all to ourselves. Lots of fish and teasing Heidi about her gift from Ned for her bravery.

The condo my mom found was amazing. The views were stupendous and it came with a golf cart we drove illegally and avoided the police at all costs... we had 1 too many people on it to be legal. Hayley jumped off a moving vehicle at one point to avoid problems.

That night we enjoyed walking around and eating at a delicious restaurant and having the best waiter ever, Matt! Oh and Billy Zane sat at the table behind us. My family wouldn't allow me to bother him during dinner for a picture.... psha!

The next morning we were up bright and early for Todd girl antics (as Hayley calls them). She doesn't quite love our need to be "doing" all the time on vacation... Roga last year for instance. But my mom had signed up 2 teams for the 1st annual Catalina Scavenger Hunt. She volunteered to sit out while me and Hayley vs. Heidi and Sarah joined in on the competition. If you know us, you know there is a little competitive blood in these veins. We were looked down on by "Smug Smiler" and the like. These 2 women walked by us and gave us the most smug look before it started only making us more determined.

Things didn't start great, we ran the wrong way on hint #1, but we made up for it in no time. How? Hitch-hiking. It was part of the "allowed" things to do in this compeition and there was no way I was running the whole thing. So we hopped on a golf cart with an older couple and rode... except sweet little Hayley who didn't realize what a hill we were hitting up... don't worry I picked her up on the ride back.

The 4 of us stuck together with only minimal bickering... to be expected. Hayley only said to me once "I will quit! I will quit right now!" Which again is hopeful. Out of the 7 teams that made it to the finals we were teams #1 and #2.

The final part was eating a balut egg.... you know, a developing duck embryo.
Hayley and Sarah took one for the team and did this part. And Hayley chose the winning key out of about a hundred in a Tupperware bin to win a trip to Hawaii, and diamonds!!! We were happy to give my mom the winnings for all the fun she gives us every year with these trips and how much we just love that lady!!!

Her diamond necklace.....
We met some new friends during the race who we saw again at the film festival that was happening later that night. And just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
 My Georgia friends who were from a cruise stopping there that drove us around... they were the reason we won!
Winners! At this point we were just so happy to be done. It was hot, it felt like we had been running up and down hills all day, and let's be honest.... I am in no shape for that. But we did it... all credit to Hayley, there is no way I could have eaten that egg. I was literally gagging watching her.

 We went back... got cleaned up for dinner and the film festival happening that night. We even managed to get V.I.P. tickets that day. Although with how small the event was, I can't say I am totally surprised.


And we can't forget "deer glen" on our way back to the condo each night there were about 16 deer surrounding us and walking up to us. Chauffeur Heidi thought it was hilarious to freak us out by letting them come right up...eeeeks, who knew deer could be so freaky?!

Sunday our final day my mom, Heidi and Sarah woke up early to do a long hike to the top of the island. Hayley and I felt we had done enough and opted to stay in the nice bed, watching TV, and eating junk together while napping. I think we chose wisely.
We ate ice-cream or frozen bananas again... for about the 3 or 4 time of the trip and got ready to leave for the day. However, I did spot Lucas Till who had been spotlighted at the festival the night before. I had to get my picture this time.
After eating and shopping we were on our way back to the real world.
 Thanks again Mama for a good time. But, by the end of a weekend with a bunch of women I was pretty ready to be home. :) Love you guys!