Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Moves

Now that summer is done, I find myself really missing it. More than I have in the past that's for sure! I still have one little darling home with me, but we are kinda home-bound lately because of half day kindergarten and our friends being gone, read Peyton being gone. Let's reminisce one more time on summer fun even though we are now totally out of chronological order shall we?

Since Peyton was a wee baby we have done the kids summer movie program at our local theater. We rarely go to the movies regularly, but during the summer it is a weekly habit the girls LOVE. Boppy joined us a lot, which made it that much better too!
 Let's just title this photo "summer shenanigans" and leave it at that. I am just happy they had this much clothing on if I am to be completely honest.
 Peyton used her $5 b-day money from Nana and Boppy to buy this hat she just had to have from the mall.
Hanging out in bathing suits just screams summer. Don't you agree?
After a fun evening of scooters and bikes, a popsicle hits just the right spot.
And we ate a lot of popsicles.
We also did a wonderful evening hike up Mt. Rubidoux with some cousins. It was beautiful and the weather sure agreed with us that night.
After waiting literally almost the whole summer, these 2 finally  got to have a true play date. They literally could not have been happier either!
In an attempt to get the last fun out of summer we went to the little gymnastic place near our home for their toddler time. Now this time neither of my kids could have been happier!
Used our summer reading program treats which included free meals from Chili's.
And without a doubt this was Jovie's favorite activity of the entire summer. Roller skating for Claire's 8th bday after her baptism. She (not exaggerating) asks to go roller "skaping" with cousins a minimum of 5 times a day, everyday since we went earlier this month. I think I will have to be taking her soon.
We also hit up the Cove Waterpark for a day where the girls again had a blast playing with friends and cousins.
(As you can see I hung with Jovie most of the day while Peyton was off with her cousins having a grand ole' time, thus the lack of her in photos).

Yes I am still a little in shock that everyday is still not summer for us.

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