Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peyton is 5!!!

I am so sappy when it comes to my kids growing up. So the fact that my first born is 5 makes me cry.... no like literally, I have cried. More than once. But, at the same time each new year brings the opportunity to do fun things we were previously not able to do. Well, I guess we could have done them, but it's more work than fun when they are little. Like dates to get yogurt and things together have become so enjoyable now because she "gets it".

Peyton can be described as sweet, smart and funny. She tells funny anecdotes and is just pleasant to be with.... which has actually always been the case with Miss Peyton Jane. I love this girl. I love her smile. I love her willingness to serve and do kind things. She is a pleaser and wants to make everyone happy and finds joy when she does. She is seriously the sweetest sister and best helper! She is a smart cookie and naturally obedient. I think she will excel in school, it just seems to be right up her alley.

We don't do parties every year, but just for certain milestone... so 5 was it. Because of school, and other scheduling conflicts I made it into a giant family party on a Friday night a week after her birthday since it was summertime and well, dang it, I could. It was fun, but I am definitely not a party planner. It is tough for me, so we were a little behind when it came to setting up, decorations, etc. But, it all ended fine. It seemed like everyone had a good time but most importantly Peyton was happy. Between family and friends she was well loved! I cannot ever say how blessed our family is to have the people in our life we do. We are always loved and surrounded by good friends who treat us sooooooo well and are supportive, helpful and overly kind. That is one of our greatest blessings!

The theme was a puppy party... Peyton's choice. I was expecting princesses or Frozen when I asked her what she wanted, but nope she chose puppies. Poor kid did NOT get a real puppy. I am not ready for one again quite yet. But the one present she wanted was a Puppy Surprise, which she did get! We did the party in the grassy area behind the church right by our house. Grilled up some dogs, played some games, and I (poorly) painted faces. The kids ran a muck and just had fun being kids. The only downer is that both Wes and I were so busy neither of us had any time to chat and I love chatting so that was a bummer. And I got about 4 pictures, 2 of which are super blurry.

Happy birthday to my FAVORITE 5 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!

Just know their faces looked a little better before all the eating and running around. And her bone cake was a hit, though the kids were nervous to eat the bones (Scooby Snacks).
 This one is super blurry but look at the excitement!
 To show off my "fresh" work.... the kids chose the color of their dog spots, ere go the red dots on his face.
And with her loot. Kid made our like a bandit. See what I mean... she was spoiled by so many people who love her!

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