Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Patriotic Parties

Up next in my timeline of course is our Independence Day festivities, which for us begin on the 2nd... well sort of.

On July 2nd we prepared ourselves for the upcoming fun. Which included: painting our nails patriotically. Decorating our "stars" shirts. And doing a craft for our home.

Once we were ready the real fun began. With our now annual 3rd of July firework show with the Todd side of the family. I love that we have this because Independence Day isn't the same without fireworks in my humble opinion. So we picked up our pizza, headed to the park for food, music, and fun with family and friends. Every year the size of our group grows a little and it is so much fun!
 Nana and almost all (minus 1) of her grand kids.
 And to say Jovie loved the fireworks is a major understatement. She like LOVED the fireworks.
 And all the night entailed.

And finally the actual 4th of July. Whereas fireworks was what my childhood 4th was all about, Wes grew up always spending the 4th at the beach with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This year the party was just his family and some old family friends, but it was still awesome. Again, crowded.... but pure awesome! We went to "baby beach" which meant there are no waves and the kids can swim and play with life vests on and have so much fun! We also had paddle boards which was great. The harbor we were at has an unspoken annual huge water fight every year. 100s of people line their boats, the boardwalk and the waterway with squirt guns, buckets, etc and everybody soaks everybody and it is hilarious. We were happy to be part of it! Too bad I for the life of me cannot get more than 1 photo every single year on the 4th... it's almost comical that that is always the case. And as always we ended our night in front of the Aleman house setting off fireworks... another annual activity. Peyton was so beat she fell asleep on me, therefore you won't see her with any photos. We had another super fun, great year remembering the beauty that is our country. As flawed as it may be, it is still awesome to be an American!

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