Saturday, August 22, 2015

Milestone: Kindergarten

Speaking of being sappy over milestones we just had one of our biggest! Peyton started Kindergarten! I seriously started debating homeschooling as this day approached... I was a nervous, emotional wreck. But through prayerful consideration we went ahead and sent her to the local elementary. I'll tell you in a few months if I still feel it was the right thing, but so far I am happy I did. She loves it. She has such nice friends. She is learning so much. And honestly she will gain understanding, insights, and experiences I literally could not provide here at home.

She was a little nervous preparing for the first day. She told me those exact words numerous times. But, we requested a specific teacher along with 3 other joy school friends (church friends), so the moment those friends showed up, she forgot all about Wes and me. She literally walked right off laughing and talking to her friends and never looked back. Wes and I looked at each other and joked that we could yell and reach out to her and she wouldn't even look back, and each day after she never has. She's really in her element. She has since become her group leader (blue group) and gotten the top points for behavior each day. I am proud of how well she's done not really having any past formal school experience.

After her first day of school we took her to Nubi for frozen yogurt in an attempt to talk about her day. Within minutes of sitting down she saw another little girl and was convinced she had to sit by her. We tried to explain to her that we were there to talk to her, but she was insistent that she had to sit there. So, off she went (followed by Jovie) to sit with this little girl. They talked and exchanged names, etc. And each new kid that entered Peyton walked up, introduced herself and asked their name. She was the socialist of social butterflies. Wes and I were happy to say we think she learned her first lesson of public school.

I am actually kind of excited for our first year of school. Maybe not the schedule, but the experience.