Saturday, August 1, 2015

June Fun

Here is my random post for the month of June! It is truly almost comical how almost every one of my pictures is of my kids. Am I the only one? Or does it just seem worse to me than other families because I only have 2 so there are less kids to add variety? Or maybe it is just that I take waaaay too many photos of my kids. Whatever the case, here they are again... and maybe a mix in of someone else every once in a while.

Peyton is truly the queen of selfies. And heaven help me... she has now discovered the "duck-face" and bathroom selfie. Yikes!
It is fun to see both of my kids love playing with boxes. Especially when daddy makes awesome cars out of them.
My friend in the ward invited the girls over to play. She has 2 girls the same age as mine, so it works out nicely. She sent me these darling photos of them eating and watching The Little Mermaid. Good friends are the best!
And speaking of good friends....
Here's Jovie with cute little Paige and Reed.
Seriously, every time this girl puts on her helmet and her crazy curls stick out, my heart melts.
As I have said before we are just a block from our church building, so to practice riding bikes we will walk over and let the girls practice. Well one day we also had an impromptu photo shoot while there... mostly because Jovie was bored while Peyton rode her bike.
In May, Tyler our nephew, taught us how to breathe fire... kind of. We have done it quite a lot since then.
This girl is just like her dad. Seriously. Yes, that is her playing the Xbox against her cousin... sitting on the couch chatting, eating and gaming. Now where have I seen this image before?
And this girl is such a ham. Always running up and asking for her photo to be taken. Even in the middle of story time at the library.
I got the royal treatment upon getting home from girls camp. Pedicure from the girls. Wes also got one and his got way more attention when he forgot to take it off and went out in sandals.
Hayley sent some pictures of Ryan caught on GoogleMaps. I couldn't help but see a resemblance. I still laugh every time I see this image... and I created the collage.
 Summer time and the living's easy.
Our nighttime routine consists of books, scriptures, and lots of songs. I love it!
 And another day we got to watch these cute boys. They are the cutest, happiest boys ever!

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