Saturday, August 8, 2015

Angels Camp

We did our vacation this summer with some of Wes' siblings. It was such a fun trip. Whenever someone asked where we were going and I said Angels Camp I got a lot of weird looks and questions. Angels Camp is a pretty little area near Yosemite near some old gold-rush cities and is well known thanks to a Mark Twain short story being based there. It was a small town with lots to do nearby and we had the best time!

We drove up Sunday night after church and thanks to the heavy rain, heavy traffic thanks to the heavy rain and a little navigation mishap we got in late that night.

Monday we spent all day hanging out at the timeshare enjoying the pools with Patrick, Kati and the twins who were kind enough to invite everyone to enjoy their timeshare. We did our grocery shopping for the week and got in a some ice cream and play time at a nearby park. That night Wes and Patrick drove to Stockton to pick up Shaun who had just driven up to Seattle that week to prepare for his upcoming move there in a couple of weeks.

Day 2: was us, Shaun and Patrick and Kati and their family. We headed into the city of Sonora and did a little hike. We got a pleasant surprise finding rows and rows of blackberry bushes ripe for the picking. We spent about an hour eating and slowing meandering our way on our hike. After getting our fill we continued on. Peyton was a super hiker while Jovie threw a fit being asked to walk even the smallest bits. It was pretty funny (and annoying) watching her whine the whole time... she is usually my adventure girl. She did love however the berries. That made her happy at a very unhappy time in her life.

Luckily it was a shortish hike because man alive it was HOT! On our way back down we ate some more blackberries, collected some in a bag I had in my pack that held previously held different snacks. After the hike we walked the darling little main street of Sonora (all of the little towns in the surrounding area had the coolest old west look about them) and while in town we ate some pretty good Mexican food.

But really the most important thing about this day was Shaun purchasing his "horse head" at a little candy shop. Best. Purchase. Ever! It should be noted that in an attempt to be fun parents and make vacation fun we let the girls each get a little candy at said shop (which we normally would not do). In the ten minutes we were in the store looking around they both dropped their candies and they both shattered. Awesome.
We all had a lot of fun with the horse head...
The rest of vacation to be continued........

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