Sunday, August 9, 2015

Angels Camp Day 3

Day 3 of our trip we were joined by our Huefner cousins, which for my kids was a real game changer. They were so excited to wake up and see cousins there to play with. It also meant Wes and I didn't see Peyton the rest of the week. Seriously, she rode in their car, played with them, and was very rarely around us at all. Which I suppose is the way it should be.

We got up, hustled to get ready to catch the train. No really, we actually had a train to catch. We went to Jamestown to play at the Historic Jamestown Train Park. It was so cute. We got there just in time to take a ride on the train, and then afterward we explored around. We were going to do the tour along with about 50 other people, but we realized that our rowdy crew was not ideal for this particular tour; which was mostly older people and a very anal tour guide who would not stand for others talking at the same time as him. Luckily they had put out a scavenger hunt page and our little group was super stoked to do that instead. They ran around and looked for all the pictured items. It was a cool little park and the highlight was definitely the roundhouse and turn table some other workers kindly demonstrated for us. Or maybe when Matt tried out the 100 year old wagon-y thing and got in trouble. That was pretty funny too.

After the train museum we hit up the cute little main street in Jamestown for some lunch. We rejuvenated ourselves with good food and kept on adventuring.

First stop the "Mark Twain" cabin. Sounds cool, right? There is a reason I have 0 photos of this place. So not cool. We saw the sign, drove up this weird dirt road, and found a teeny tiny cabin completely enclosed in a fence, with no one working or anything. We got out to check it out only to discover it was a commemorative cabin built about 60 years after Mark Twain lived there. So basically it was a sham. As we were looking around we suddenly saw Trent standing inside the bars and we all got a good laugh. We also tried to make him take photos inside the cabin. I don't know what ever happened to those photos.

And finally our last stop was many of the kids favorite of the trip. We hit up Columbia State Park. This park has been restored to look at it did during the Gold Rush in the 1850s. We had just enough time there to ride the 100 year old stagecoach, which was actually way more fun than it sounded. It took us on a decent ride, and we even got held-up (for candy) by a stagecoach robber. Peyton was a little freaked (he had a gun) until she found out it was all part of the ride, then she loved it and thought it was hilarious.

After the ride we panned for gold. Eureka! Or pictureka as Trent said. We actually bought a little bag of dirt (and gold) from the store there, they then taught us how to pan for it, and then let us try ourselves with the dirt in the trough things. Anything we liked and found (pretty rocks, gold, etc) we held in a small vile full of water. It was a highlight for the kids and we stayed in this area a long time they loved it so.

We ended the night cooking at the condo, enjoying watching the deer below our room and swimming, which was Peyton's favorite thing we did the whole time we were there. Swimming in the pool. We did get some stellar sunsets while down there too.

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