Sunday, July 5, 2015

May Part 2

You thought I was done with May?! Psych!

Ok, so did I actually. Then I found a bunch of other photos from the month so I have to put them on here too right?

I can't even tell you how this came about, but my kids learned about "Droopy" the dog. They are obsessed. Not with the cartoon, but with being Droopy. As in talking like him and making the face. It's kinda hilarious actually.

May brought our last day of dance. She wanted a break. I actually enjoyed dance, but hey, if she is over it, I am cool with that too.
 It also brought some cute little happy faces.
 As well as tired ones.
 And crazy ones.
 It brought spontaneous dance parties.
 Oh and of course, bunny ears. Self inflicted ones not to be excluded. This has become a must with most pictures now actually.
 Fishing for date night. No luck though.
 And with that I think we are now done.

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