Thursday, July 16, 2015


Somehow this year I was roped into being a "mother at camp" or MAC at our church's girls camp. I don't usually work with the youth (well not yet at least) so I was surprised with this calling. I went because one of my biggest thoughts was how when my girls are old enough to go I hope they have fun, young leaders (yes, I am pretending I am young and fun) who take time out of their life to give to them.

If I am to be completely honest I was not really excited about going. Okay, the more appropriate term would be I was "full of dread." Not because of the girls, because in all honesty I genuinely love working with the youth; I honestly think they are so much fun to be with. But, I was just dreading being away from my family for a whole week... Monday-Saturday.

However, once I was there I was just fine. Sure, at times it felt looooong. But, I laughed a lot. I slept pretty good besides the snoring from my bunk mate... heaven help me. I ate good, and if I am to be honest I had like almost no real responsibility and it was easy and relaxing. I know, bet you would have never guessed I would say that. I sat in the shade and read and visited a lot. The day at the lake found me in my chair and bathing suit tanning and chatting with friends with a diet coke in hand.... yes I brought my own 12 pack and am so glad I did.

It was a wonderful week where I felt the spirit and even more importantly watched the girl's grow in the gospel and gain wonderful friendships. I cried a few times being there thinking of my own babies who will soon be young women and I hope with all of my heart they have strong testimonies and wonderful experiences with the spirit.

Monday was our day to get the camp, cabins, etc ready before campers got there. I lucked out insomuch that I slept in a cabin with the older girls rather than an A-frame like all the other leaders. I was in charge of the 17-18 year olds who basically ran things and were each in charge of their own cabin. Thus I would wake them up, make sure they were where they needed to be, and then relax. Monday after we were all set up we went bowling. I was determined to beat everyone (not competitive at all) which I did. Booyah!
 Of course, we had to do some pranks. I wasn't really involved in this, but they wanted me in on the picture.
 One morning we woke up at 4:30 AM to do a very small hike for a sunrise testimony meeting. It was pretty awesome. There was also a big fire over on one side of the mountain so we watched the smoke from up there as well.
 My little group of girls who actually woke up to go.
 Here are all of my girls in front of our cabin.
 On Thursday night Wes and I were the starlight couple. Every year the stake chooses a couple to come and talk about "their story." How they met, dated, etc. We were asked to be it this year. So he brought up the girls, joined me for dinner and we were able to share ours. I love our story. It was awesome to have 45 minutes were the girls "ooohed and aaahed" over us. We couldn't help but laugh at their enthusiasm and even joked it felt we were on Jerry Springer or something as they laughed and yelled. My girls kind of stole the show as all the young women wanted to hold them and take pictures with them. It was such a nice way to break up the week and make it not feel so long to be apart. I've had many girls since tell me how much they love our story and joke about the little details. In fact our "story" made a cameo in one ward skit one night. "Goals" as the girls say all the time now. And I feel like a small celebrity. I ran into a 13 year old young woman from another ward at the grocery store and her mom told me she talks about us all the time and aspires to be like us. So cute and funny.
I can't even tell you how many times my phone was stolen and I have pictures of all the young women.
This might seem so weird to you... but this picture shows me accomplishing my one goal of the week. One girl (Fionne) as seen behind me would (more than once) laugh so hard she would start throwing up. She did it the first night and I about died. She did it again like night 3 and it became my goal to make her laugh so hard she did it again and I would get a selfie with her. Well...her I am Friday night accomplishing said goal.
Seriously, I had so much fun with my girls!

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