Sunday, July 12, 2015


Last summer Peyton did swimming lessons. If I am to be completely honest it was kind of a terrible experience. The young teenage girl who did it was way too lenient with Peyton. If Peyton said she didn't want to try something the girl didn't make her. So needless to say Peyton did NOT learn how to swim. She was scared to death to take off her life vest. I was super frustrated when she wouldn't try and the fact she really didn't progress at all. So when we would swim at home I would make her go without her vest and try for all of 5 minutes; and you would think I was murdering her with the sobs, screams and tears. It was truly so infuriating. So, I stopped pushing it.

This year on one of our first trips to the pool, right as we were getting out, she asked to try swimming without her vest. What?! So of course I said yes with little expectations. She did sooo well!

This year I forgot to get her in swim lessons and I remembered as I was at girl's camp that it started that same week. I was so bummed! However, I got a text while I was there from Wes saying Peyton was a swimmer. I had such a hard time believing him. You can see why from what I wrote above right?!

When I got home, I was so happy to be proven wrong. She just kind of got it this year. It is such a relief to know that if she fell in or something, she would be fine.
P.S. that is Jovie's signature move too. She is much more fearless than her elder sister.

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