Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Talent Show

All the grand-kids in the family are busy and oh so talented. And since we can't be at all the recitals and such, we decided to do a family talent show to show off our talent. Like you can imagine it got a little chaotic and even surreal at some moments.

Don't understand what I mean when I say surreal? Take a look at this photo. Don't just glance at it. Absorb it. The longer you look the better it becomes.
The Todd kids did piano pieces they had learned.
The Brobergs presented a classic song and dance number from "The Newsies". Asher extra impressed with his theatrics and Ella was quite the dancer while Tate had the best facial expressions.
Since I knew Peyton would be too shy to do her dance alone, we semi taught Jovie the dance and the 3 of us (mostly the two girls) did Peyton's dance number she just did at her recital. I think they are simply the cutest ever.

And in between performances Jovie did a small song (Let it Go) for everyone. Love that funny little comedian girl.
It was so much fun, we are hoping to make it an annual event!

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