Sunday, July 5, 2015


Meet the bear formerly known as EO.

EO was my childhood bear. I slept with EO and my blanket Orangey every night for as long as I can remember. While Orangey went to sleepovers, camp and vacation with me, EO was an at home toy. I loved that bear. However, I did retire him to my cedar chest upon getting married... unlike Orangey who still sleeps with me every night.

EO has been through a lot in his long life.

I don't remember much about one event in which EO opened up and began loosing stuffing under one leg at our stake center. Luckily, my mom had a handy sewing kit with her and fixed him up... however she also only had yellow thread. So it looked like pee in my opinion, which I wasn't thrilled about.

Poor EO was also attacked by my childhood dog Einstein once when I was about 6 and suffered a lost/eaten nose. His original nose was soft velvety brown. I was pretty devastated about the whole ordeal, however, my little sister Hayley found a replacement at La Petite Academy (her preschool) and came home with a black Koala nose that he now wears with pride. Hayley saved my life with that sweet find.

Peyton who just loves her Ellie was asking me about my toys growing up and what was my favorite. I told her about EO and then remembered I had him in our garage. So I found him, washed him up and then watched the kids fight over him the next few days. They think he is awesome.

Jovie out of nowhere started referring to him as Camalla. So I guess he became a she... he did always feel more like a woman inside, so the change felt pretty natural. Wes and I got a pretty good laugh out of Camalla. Where did that name come from? After about 2 weeks of "Camalla" we realized it was her calling him Koala. Zing. Got it.

So Camalla it is. I am glad to share my childhood toy with my kids. Plus I was having crazy guilt about keeping him in the attack alone after watching Toy Story 3.

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