Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach Day

This summer we've had quite a few beach days... my favorite. Besides the sand, I can't complain about the beach at all. Kids are happy, I'm happy, so basically we are all happy. Of course when at the beach one must have sandals. Wes hasn't had a pair for who knows how long, so we made a trip to the Rainbow Outlet. Who knew it was literally 5 minutes from Matt and Jaime's new place. After the outlet we hit up the beach and my animal lover (Jovie-girl) was so happy to find a new crab friend. That girl will just about hold any animal handed to her... snakes have been the only exception I have seen. And after the beach we went to our cousins new place to play and check it out. It was a good day!


April and Jason said...

What beach is that? It looks so nice!

Karla K said...

Love it! I think my kids both went through that white sun hat. We may need to come out soon so the kids can see the ocean.