Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Up Cuz'?

We got almost all the cousins on the Aleman side together one day last month. Those darn Texas cousins weren't there which is just the biggest bummer, but we were lucky enough to substitute them for Grandpa Gubler. Have I mentioned how he is one of my all time favorites?! It is quite a sight to see that many little babies in any one place at one time.

Let the swooning commence.....
 It was the cutest ever. I was swinging the girls when Peyton said, "Hey, my Grandpa is here." I told her that he wasn't, only to look over and to my surprise see Grandpa Gubler walking toward us. My girls (and Wes and I of course) just adore that man. I am so glad they get to have a fun relationship with their Great Grandpa.
 Jovie in particular will make friends quickly with Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents and will hang with them for quite some time. I love it!

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