Friday, June 12, 2015

She's In Love

Peyton had her 2nd dance recital back in May. They danced to the song "She's In Love" from the Broadway Little Mermaid musical. The past few weeks she was not been as excited for dance as she had been in the past and I asked her if she wanted to keep going to dance. She thought for a moment and said she wanted to take a little break but she really wanted to dance on the stage for her performance just not practice. Of course I told her to dance for the performance she had to practice; and once she was there she laughed and smiled and loved it. Her teacher complimented her to me once for being so sweet and such a good listener. I may be biased, but out of all the kids in her class she knew the dance pretty much better than anyone, and could do it almost by herself even at home. That girl never ceases to amaze me. She has a one of a kind personality. She loves order, she loves to be obedient and to be praised. She was kind to the kids who had a hard time in class and made the others feel comfortable and in turn made me proud. (Don't be fooled she has her 4 year old moments which are so frustrating, but she is usually such a good girl. Usually).

She was fabulous at her recital. See.

And though we are going to pursue some other extra curricular activities next, I so enjoyed watching her blossom in this endeavor.

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