Tuesday, June 30, 2015


On the last day of June I will now close out my month of May. I seriously don't see how I am always so far behind... well so far behind for me at least. I dislike being behind a month, I feel like I can't adequately describe feelings and memories well enough. But, it is the best I can do for now. I know these recap posts are probably so boring as it is just pictures of my kids being average kids. But you guys, it is so fun for me to go back to past months and years and remember certain things, or look at my babies when they were actual babies, and hear their voices. These recaps are my favorites.

Let's first start with things that we consider some of our "favorites":

Meet Ellie. Ellie is Peyton's favorite toy. Peyt can't sleep without miss Ellie. She drags that thing around the house. If you know Peyton you more than likely know Ellie. I find lots of selfies of Peyton and Ellie on my phone. She's been with us since Peyton was about 6 months old, so we sure love her too.
 For the most part being an adult kind of.... blows. Responsibilities, worries, time restraints, body aches.... well you know what I mean. However, one thing (and I could make a list about the other good things too), but one thing that rocks is being able to buy what you want at the grocery store. I think that is the reason so many of us gain weight as adults. Well, or the issue might be when your husband shops for the family. This is what our cereal looks like when Wes gets home from the store. These are his favorites or "dream team" as he calls them.
Jovie is a reader. She loves sitting down to a good book or ten. She has her favorites of course, but in general books would definitely be her favorite thing right now.
Now I will show you the face of an addict. If this photo doesn't scream addiction, I just don't know what would. I would love to say I could stop if I really wanted to, but the truth is 1. I am not sure I could. And 2. I am not sure because I really don't have the desire. I love me some Diet Coke MD... (a Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper concoction).
In May we were still able to walk to church. In the summer it gets really really hot, so we haven't been walking as often. Last month we did and seeing my kids in their Sunday best is just the best. They are such cuties. There's Peyton enjoying the shade after church.
We celebrated the twins birthdays with cousins at the park. Jovie (and some other cousins) snuck over and enjoyed some of Cody's cake. He was happy to share.
 Perk was when Grandpa Gubler surprised us there.
These two. I have no words to describe how much I enjoy watching their relationship. They are the best of friends. Sure they bug each other on occasion, but for the most part, they are the cutest and play together like champs.
This photo caught them in the middle of belly laughs.. the best kind of course.
And before our passes expired, we got in a few good Disney days. As a family and with cousins.
One of our favorite things about our "new" area (how long can you feel like you are in a new area? It's been over 1 year, but we feel like we just moved here. Oh well, we really like it here), but again one thing we love is the nature around us. One Sunday we went on a drive and a walk. We found some wild donkeys to follow and pet. It was so enjoyable!
Can't wait to sign this princess up for soccer or softball soon. As a biased parent this girl has a lot of natural ability.
One night for Family Home Evening or FHE (a night we set aside as a family to connect and have fun together, see here for more info) we talked to the girls about earthquake safety. We talked about where to go and how to keep ourselves safe and practiced. It was fun and they both seemed to have so much fun. However, before bed Peyton broke down and cried in fear an earthquake would come. It was both sad and kind of funny. We assured her it would be fine and haven't mentioned earthquakes since. Peyton is a very sensitive, timid person with some things.
We had sicknesses. Perk here was the fact that Miss Peyton might be the sweetest sicky ever. She cuddled ALL DAY, I secretly loved it. Especially since only Wes was home when she actually threw up, so I didn't have to clean up the mess... just enjoy the cuddles.
We watched this sweet little miss for a couple of days while the rest of her family went up by Sacramento for Carter's History Day finals. He made it to State and did a presentation up there. We were happy to have her.
I just thought this girl looked hilarious and a little like a caterpillar in a cocoon.
Another good month in the books.

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