Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Days

I just got back from a week in the mountains at Big Bear helping out at our youth girls camp for church. Yes, one whole week with a bunch of teenage girls sure takes a lot out of ya! I think Wes feels the same taking care of toddlers solo for the week too. But, besides just being very tired I missed my family like crazy. I lucked out cuz' I got a mid-week visit from the lot of them on Thursday since Wes and I were spotlight speakers. He brought up the girls who were watched by the other lady helping me in the cabin. Wes and I spoke on "true and eternal" love and it was pretty awesome to spend the evening together. In case you couldn't tell, I sure do love them!

Now we are back in the swing of things and based on the weather summer has officially started.

I love the golden evenings of summer!!! These were taken on a nice evening walk at the end of the last month. The color of the night was pretty perfect for an impromptu photo shoot... and as you can see my girls are always down for pictures. However, Peyton has taken after her daddy when it comes to posing. She thinks she is pretty funny. I have to agree.

P.S. they call the spot they were sitting in "the married spot" because it is a gazebo with flowers, thus they had to kiss there. 

I'm excited for lazy summer days--- sitting at the pool, drinking Icee treats (as we call Slurpees) and having fun in the sun!

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