Friday, June 5, 2015

Field Trip: Grocery Store

I know I've mentioned a least 1 million times before how we are part of a Joy School, which means we have 7 preschool aged kids and the moms all take turns being the teacher. We've done it so each mom teaches once a week, 2 weeks in a row. It really worked out well. Plus all the kids were really ready for it, and quite well behaved... for the most part. ;)

Well a month or so ago our official schedule was over, but none of us were quite ready to be done with preschool since we moms liked it so much, as did the kids. So we each took one more turn and it was whatever we wanted it to be. Playing, field trips (with all the moms attending), etc. So, the last month or so we have had some really fun outings planned with our friends. As you saw before one mom planned sea world. One mom did a fun water day on a hot afternoon. Another mom planned a swimming day. And this particular afternoon we had a field trip to our local supermarket. It was such a fun activity. The kids explored the big freezers, learned about different produce, went behind scenes at the meat department (Jovie is still talking about the big cow tongue we saw). They let the kids sample ham, watch a cake be decorated. They had each kid take a turn scanning items at the register and had the best "goodie" bag for each of them at the end... plus cookies to go. We had a blast. The lady running the program said they were a little nervous about the young age of our kids, but said they were better behaved than a lot of elementary aged (specifically mentioning 8 year old) kids that come through.

P.S. While we walked around through the store, they asked the kids to keep their arms folded in areas where they shouldn't touch. I don't think my kids (Peyton especially) unfolded her arms the entire time we were there... except to show Jovie things she was too small to see. She's such a good helper and listener.
 cow tongue

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Sue Carter said...

Such a fun trip to the store! I love how excited you are to be a mom. Keep up the good work!!