Monday, June 8, 2015

Field Trip: Fire Station

As Summer approached, I tried to substitute teach as often as I could get a job the last week or 2 my district was in school. Have I mentioned that I am technically a substitute teacher? However, I only work a few times a month. The thought process behind that is to make enough "fun" money to play with. Or when real estate gets a little slow (as it tends to do in the winter) I can help pick up the slack to save us from dipping into our savings if need be.

Anyway, the reason I make mention of that little factoid is because Peyton's little preschool group had a field trip to the nearby fire station, and I couldn't go due to work. So my stud muffin of a husband went with all the moms and our 2 little girls that day.

I would love to give details on the day, but when I asked him how it went I got the typical Wes answer. "Fine." When I attempted to dig for more, his response was, "I don't know, it was a fine day. I think they had fun. Peyton was hesitant to put on the stuff, but she did most of it. Jovie was a beast at the end and didn't want to take pictures or be by the group." That was all I got folks. But, the good man he is, he did take a few pictures to show me when I got home.

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