Monday, May 4, 2015

Secret Garden

Did you guys know there was a cute little botanical garden in UCR (University California Riverside)? Well I didn't. Yet somehow my uncle from Utah (who loves gardens) did. So when my aunt and uncle came down for a visit at the beginning of April, we did what we could to spend time with them, including the botanical garden 10 minutes from our house.

It was really nice to walk around. Though I should have not worn sandals, and I should have sun screened the girls. Plus strollers were not really easy or available there, and my girls had a hard time keeping up. Peyton was a pretty good trooper, and Jovie really took to my Uncle Kevin and he fast became her walking buddy. I can't blame her, Kevin is awesome, and I always loved spending time at their house growing up. Peyton as always chose Boppy or Nana to hang with. Boppy is patient with her and let's her walk at her own slooooow pace.

It was a nice, warm day and it was wonderful to spend time in nature with my family I love so much.

And how cute are their little Mexican cruise dresses?! They looked like little flowers in the garden. I sure love those 2 little girls!

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April and Jason said...

I loved walking there when I attended UCR years ago. However, it was often kind of creepy because no one was ever there. :-)